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A brief comment on Who is Who in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT or IPTLD)

The Discoverer of Insulin Potentiation Therapy was the late Donato Perez Garcia, MD (1896-1971). Forty-eight years after his death, I am proud to represent the legacy of my grandfather and my father after him, since becoming licensed as a physician in 1983. This legacy is a unique one, with father passing along to son the gifts, wisdom, and knowledge gained only through many years of invention, triumphs, and struggle in the practice of medicine. I seek to pass along the same hard fought wisdom, knowledge, and gifts through our Insulin Potentiation Therapy training and certification program, offered in concert with the European Academy for IPT (EAIPT). Certified IPT Practitioners who have successfully completed and maintained their education in the practice of the therapy are listed on the Academy for IPT Directory website, at:
A Statement on Competing Organizations Dr. Donato Perez Garcia was a founding member of an org…
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14th GLOBAL CONFERENCE on IPT. TIJUANA,B.C.,MEXICO. October 1 - 6, 2018

We at the European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT/IPTLD) are honored to invite you to the 2018 global conference on Insulin Potentiation Therapy: Current trends in the management of solid cancer tumors using IPTLD/IPT.

Among the other institutions involved in this event include the Department of Functional Medicine at Hospital Angeles Tijuana and Cancer Federation Inc. The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge of all those whose interests lie in the nature of treating with IPTLD/IPT malignant solid tumors affecting abdominal and thoracic organs
. The abstracts of the conference as well as selected principal papers will be published in volume 2018 of the Archives in website for your future reference.
Among the broad topic areas in this call for abstracts include establishing a correct diagnosis, use of specific blood tests including tumor markers, patient selection and criteria por specific treatment. Surgery to reduce tumor load and patient sel…

Does Insulin Potentiation Therapy work?

The following is a rebuttal to self proclaimed "medical writters" about Insulin Potentiation Therapy IPT or IPTLD.
I will start by sharing a comment made by R.W. Moss about chemotherapy (extract reproduced from a public source at “RM: Chemotherapy is machismo practiced to the N'th degree. It is a war in which you are the battleground, lucky you, I mean you have to treat your body better than that. The folks that bring you the toxic chemicals that cause the cancer are then kind enough to bring you toxic chemicals that allegedly…..”

 Yes IPT/IPTLD works, it is a treatment alternative for lasting and successful outcomes. #InsulinPotentiationTherapy #IPT© or #IPTLD®, it is a metabolic supported chemotherapy. It involves fasting, insulin and chemotherapy. This is not a miracle product or the cure that is hidden from you. It is a safe treatment alternative. Not all patients will benefit. Consult your case:

I have undertake…

Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IPT© or IPTLD® is a Metabolic Supported Chemo Therapy. Now in Japan

Japanese Book on Insulin Potentiation Therapy just published and released to the public in (Osaka, Japan 2016) IPT© or IPTLD® a Metabolic Supported Chemo Therapy. Involves fasting, insulin and chemotherapy

Dr.Sachihiko Okuno,MD (left) presenting the IPT Book in Japanese to Dr.Donato Perez Garcia,MD. October 16, 2016. Sofia, Bulgaria during the XII Annual Conference on IPT.

A few years ago a Medical Doctor practicing Medicine in Osaka, Japan, Sachihiko Okuno, MD., decided to learn about Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IPT© or IPTLD® and got the basic information from Steven G Ayre, MD a student of Donato Perez Garcia, MD.
Dr. Okuno after observing that patients had a good response to this medical procedure went ahead and took a workshop to get his Certificate as a Licensed IPT Practitioner with Donato Perez Garcia, MD. After practicing IPT for a few years he was very pleased with the results and decided to write the book with the authorization of Dr. Donato Perez Garcia,MD.

During the …